Google Analytics is a service that allows to monitor and view your website visitors. It 's the most widely used statistics service on the web, currently in use at 57% of the 10,000 most popular sites.


The operation is done through the implementation of analytics directly into the code of the site. This code interacts directly with Google and allows to collect data on users' navigation, which are then processed and developed to monitor traffic.

With google analytics you can keep trackof all users who visit the website. This2 tool is so powerful that it provides very useful and valuable statistics about the performance of the portal and this allows you to decide the marketing line to follow.

google analytics

Google Analytics provides very flexible solutions based on the user. So there are different types of dashboards, can meet the casual user, but also report much more thorough, useful to marketers. In addition to an overview of developments in the portal, google analytics to even more information about the pages viewed, news, click, how long they have been examined.