CMS (acronym of Content Management System), is a tool installed on web server. The CMS facilitates the management and installation of web site on web. The CMS used by Newtvision is TYPO3.

Simplicity & Usability

TYPO3 is an easy to use platform for both the client and the provider. It allows to administer with a few gestures a web portal, to edit text, insert images, news and much more, whenever you want, without going through complicated procedures. The advantageous aspect is that the customer, once delivered to them the portal, can access the functions to edit the content of your site. Accordingly, they are guaranteed a self-managed site. 

Management & Efficiency

TYPO3 allows to quickly and easily manage pages and content of web sites from the user side as it improves the efficiency of content production, as it offers the chance to work and collaborate in a shared environment in which users can have different roles (directors, editors, writers, etc ...).

Each of these figures has access to a working space and to specific highly-customizable functionalities .

The following shows a list of some of the many features of this powerful CMS: