Is it possible to have a site that is 100% safe?

Maybe a lot of web agency would say "Yes, we can guarantee it"

The truth is that according to the logic of the laws of security it is not possible to guarantee 100% security at all times, as the world of internet and information technology is constantly evolving and dynamic.

Of course this might be a little scared and it might seem counter-productive for the company's marketing, but Newtvision considers fair and honest to inform the client that there may be security issues.

You can analyze the situation with a very simple example:

No one would renounce to buy a car just for the risk that it may be stolen. The only care is to guard the keys and park it in a safe place

Using a metaphor we can say that:

Newtvision guards and will frequently change the keys to the portal (passwords) and will park your site on secure and peaceful servers