The graphic of the web is evolving, and it accordingly needs constant updating and great attention to details. The web designer must have different competencies starting from the study of the single element until the complessity of project, as it is the one that deals with the encoding of the language of a draft web graphics.

We can define the shape of the web designer as an esthete, an architect of the website. What are the skills that characterize him?

Newtvision is able to create a portal that will be unique and extremely accurate in every detail, to give it that extra touch that makes the difference. The service proposed by Newtvision is out of step with the times, impeccable service, that does not stop in front of the standard design, a service capable of adapting to the needs of the most demanding customers.

Mobile design

Finding ourselves in a world where technology is king, Newtvision could not forget considering a special desig for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc.). The design of a portal must be responsive to have the opportunity to watch it on any device. 

The users now use their smartphone, tablet, etc., at any time of the day, especially outside the home and while they perform many different actions. That's why the design of the mobile site must allow a simple and intuitive navigation, avoiding superfluous and heavy elements .